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November 15, 2022 2023-01-28 12:15
Online food ordering systems

Integrate orders from RadYes with your POS system

GetOrder integrates RadYes with your POS system, enabling menu synchronization, automatic order acceptance, and order transfer.

No manual work, no delays, no errors.

Gain more free time, profit, and satisfied customers from RadYes

Save time and labor

Take orders from RadYes to POS on autopilot. Free up time for you and your team to focus on what matters most.

Maintain accuracy

Forget about order errors. GetOrder eliminates the human factor, so orders from RadYes are 100% accurate

Increase your income

GetOrder makes it easy to work with different sales channels, so you can serve more customers and increase your profits.

Orders transfer

Get all orders from RadYes automatically sent to your POS


Menu update

Syncronize menu and prices from POS system with RadYes in a few clicks.


Availability management

Get unavailable dishes automatically disabled in RadYes

Integration with RadYes

How GetOrder integrates with the RadYes platform


GetOrder connects to the RadYes via API


Orders created on RadYes are integrated with the POS


You get a complete overview of all orders on one device


Thanks to integration you can upload menu and other data to RadYes from POS


Online food ordering systems

Integration with RadYes available in countries

United Arab Emirates

More than 500+ locations with us

Restaurants that use the GetOrder platform

Possible integrations for POS RadYes


Why you need GetOrder

Using GetOrder, you save time, nerves and human resources.

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Integrate RadYes with GetOrder

Learn how GetOrder can help you run your restaurant better, faster, and more efficiently. Contact us to see the demo of our platform in action.