Одна интеграция POS EN

November 15, 2022 2022-11-21 17:03
POS systems for restaurants

Integration of online orders with POS system NemTakeAway

GetOrder integrates any delivery and restaurant platform with the NemTakeAway POS system. Menu synchronization, automatic order acceptance, and order transfer to POS NemTakeAway. No manual work, no delays, no errors

Save time

Get online orders automatically integrated into POS NemTakeAway. No need to manually transfer orders or update menus

Avoid mistakes

Have your orders transferred to the POS NemTakeAway , eliminating human mistake factor by 100%.

Increase income

Easily conect NemTakeAway with different channels, serving more customers and increasing profits.

Integration with NemTakeAway

How GetOrder integrates with POS system NemTakeAway


GetOrder connects to the POS NemTakeAway via API


Orders created on external platforms are integrated with the POS NemTakeAway


You get a complete overview of all orders on one device


Thanks to the integration of menus from POS, NemTakeAway can be uploaded to other platforms with one click

POS systems for restaurants
Integration with NemTakeAway is available in


Trusted by over 500 restaurants

Restaurants that use the GetOrder platform

Possible integrations for POS NemTakeAway


Why POS NemTakeAway should be integrated with GetOrder

Menu synchronization

Forget about manually transferring the menu from POS NemTakeAway. Unload the menu with one button.

Transfer of orders

All orders from different platforms will be automatically transferred to POS NemTakeAway .

Availability Management

Enable or disable a dish on an external platform via stop lists from POS NemTakeAway

POS NemTakeAway integration with GetOrder

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