Pavlo, the owner of Banzai, Pizza Good, Sushi Good, and Cheburek Bar brands, turned to us for help in integrating Poster with Glovo. After implementation, we asked Pavlo to talk about his experience using GetOrder.

What problem did you face when working with food aggregators?

First of all, the operators did not have time to enter the incoming orders into the POS system. Secondly, they had to duplicate menu in different systems on top of that.

What changed for you after connecting GetOrder?

We completely managed to solve problems with order and menu management. We do have a wish that would make this experience even smoother. For example, enabling multilingual menu synchronization. It would not a deal breaker for us but rather a nice to have capability.

What advantages do you see for yourself in GetOrder?The increased number of processed orders is the biggest advantage for us. We have also significantly freed up employees’ time. GetOrder technology is definitely of a big help to our business as we would not be able to process this many orders in a such a short timeframe. That’s why I believe that everything that can be automated must be automated. In addition, we have significantly reduced the number of errors in orders. Mistakes happen only in cases that emerge as artifacts.

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