Bahatolososya is one of our first customers. We asked their project manager, Pavlo, how IIKO’s integration with Glovo influenced their business.

What challenges made you explore the integration between your POS and delivery platforms? 

We have multiple brands and heavily use order aggregators such as Glovo and Bolt Food. It helps us serve more customers and increase revenue, but at the same time requires a lot of additional manual work. For example, each order has to be transferred by operators or administrators to our POS, which is quite time consuming.

I was looking for a service that would allow us to integrate delivery platforms with our POS, and I didn’t even know about the existence of GetOrder (laughs). We have been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time, considering foreign services and even tried creating integrations by hiring developers. At the end, we understood that none of them could deal with the challenges that we had. And then we came across GetOrder. We tested it for free and made sure that all the problems we had were 100% addressed by GetOrder.

How does GetOrder help you in your work?Well, first of all, we freed up the resources by streamlining the work that was previously performed manually. In this way, employees that had to deal with orders transfer could spend time on communication or other valuable tasks, improving the level of our service. 

Secondly, the way we set up GetOrder allows us to minimize human involvement in order processing. Thanks to automation, we can say that the accuracy ratio grew to 100%.

We are a happy customer and highly recommend GetOrder.