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November 15, 2022 2023-01-26 7:51
forget about manual processing

Integrate Talabat with POS Advensys

GetOrder integrates Talabat and restaurant platform with the Advensys POS system. Menu synchronization, automatic order acceptance, and order transfer to POS Advensys. No manual work, no delays, no errors

Gain more free time, profit, and satisfied customers from Talabat whith Advensys

Save resources

Accept orders from Talabat to POS Advensys automatically. Get on with more important things.

Maintain accuracy

All data between Talabat and POS Advensys is transferred without human intervention. Errors excluded

Increase your income

Free up your time, grow your business, connect more sales channels to Advensys

Orders transfer

Get all orders from Talabat automatically sent in POS Advensys


Menu update

Syncronize menu and prices from POS Advensys with Talabat in a few clicks.


Availability management

No need to manually disable items.
GetOrder synchronizes stop list from POS Advensys and disable dishes on platform Talabat

About Advensys
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About Talabat
Talabat is an online food ordering and delivery platform that operates in various countries, primarily in the Middle East. It allows users to browse through a wide range of restaurants and cuisines, place orders, and have them delivered to their doorstep. Integrating orders with a Point of Sale (POS) system is essential for restaurants and businesses using Talabat for several reasons: Streamlining Operations: Integration with POS systems enables automatic transmission of orders placed through Talabat directly to the restaurant's POS system. This streamlines the ordering process, eliminating the need for manual entry of online orders into the POS. Reducing Errors: Manual entry of orders into the POS system can lead to errors such as incorrect item entries, missed orders, or incorrect pricing. Integration reduces these errors by directly inputting orders from Talabat into the POS system. Inventory Management: Integration allows for better inventory management. When an order is received through Talabat and integrated with the POS system, it automatically updates inventory levels in real-time, ensuring that the restaurant can keep track of stock levels accurately. Improving Efficiency: By integrating orders from Talabat with the POS system, restaurant staff can focus more on preparing orders and providing quality service to customers rather than spending time manually inputting orders. Enhancing Customer Experience: Faster and more accurate order processing leads to improved customer satisfaction. Integrating Talabat orders with the POS system ensures that orders are processed promptly and accurately, enhancing the overall customer experience. Overall, integrating Talabat orders with POS systems offers numerous benefits for restaurants, including improved efficiency, reduced errors, better inventory management, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
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Integrate Advensys with Talabat

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